We are here to design ebook covers. We try to keep our site as clear and as up to date as possible. We do not however guarantee the accuracy of any of our content.

We do not take responsibility for the content of any websites we link to. If you believe that there is something on our site that is in any way misleading or factually incorrect then please contact us and we will look into correcting it at the next update.

This site and any subdomains bearing our brand are for the advertisement of our services. Whilst we are happy to work with most people we reserve the right to pick and choose our clients and may on occasion refuse to carry out work requested. We will always endeavour to do this before commencing work and will only in very rare instances stop a project before completion (instances where we might do this are if you are very rude, disrespectful, uncooperative or if the project becomes infeasible due to changes made against our advice). We reserve the right to refuse to continue working on a design.

If payment has been made already, refund in full will be made only when no time has been spent on the project in hand to date. Time spent for all work will be charged at the standard rates of £25/hour. You will be refunded any difference between payment made and charges for services provided.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and will make reasonable efforts to make everything you need happen. Sometimes your objectives might be misaligned with what is practical or feasible. We will advise you on this and the best course of action you should take. If you go against our advice then we take no responsibility for the outcomes.

If you are any way unhappy with our service you should contact us – we will try our best to make things right.

When you purchase our services the contract begins when we commence work and ends when your book cover design is handed over.

If you are not happy with the results from the initial rounds of revisions and designs you can upgrade your package at any time to enable more revisions & designs.

All fees and prices, including ongoing fees, are clearly set out on our prices and payment pages along with turnaround times and features.

Turnaround times are guides only. Obviously if you delay the process by not making decisions or not providing content we cannot complete the project within these time frames. They are for guidance only and could change at any time.

Payment for all services is made in advance. You may request a refund for services you have paid for but not used. Once you pay for your cover design a designer will take time looking at your details and begin collecting ideas for design.

No refunds will be given for work completed under any circumstances. We will constantly be working under your guidance and direction and this will act as part of the contract between us.

We use stock images. You have no legal right to redistribute these for free or payment in any other way that in the book cover design and doing so is a violation of our terms. Standard licences and international copyright law apply and everything is set up for single use. Any further use will likely be a violation of terms of the third party and could result in legal action.

Our stock image licence allows 250,000 reproductions of each image. Customers purchasing the professional package will be given an enhanced licence for use above that threshold. If your book sells more than 250,000 copies it is imperative that you obtain an enhanced licence for image(s) used for your cover. Please contact us to arrange this.

The images we use for your book will not be unique and are available for public sale. It may be that you find the image used elsewhere on the web or in print media. Customers purchasing the Professional package may have unique images which are not used elsewhere but this is not guaranteed. We always look to use stock images as a first port of call and hire artists/photographers for projects where there is no suitable media.

Any support you require should be directed to us through the contact page.

Each package has a fixed number of design rounds clearly stated on the prices section of the website. We expect our customers to respect that we are running a business and cannot make endless alterations to designs without being paid fairly for the time. Customers requesting extra designs beyond their package will be asked to upgrade. Our designer can be hired at an hourly rate of £25/hour.

All payments are made in the currency displayed on the website. Prices may change at any time and are not guaranteed.